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"Scale new heights - executive performance breakthrough 550 billion" achievement sharing meeting is a complete success.

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  • Last updated:2020-07-17
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Branches of the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA) of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) were established on January 1, 2001. By August 2, 2019, the cumulative levy amounted to exceed NT$550 billion, betting on treasury revenues and achieving fairness and justice.


In order to show the brilliant performance of administrative execution and share this glorious moment with all walks of life, the AEA of the MOJ held a " Peaking scale new heights - executive performance exceeding NT$550 billion " achievement sharing meeting in the auditorium on the 5th floor of the MOJ at 10 a.m. today.


At the beginning of the event, the students of the Lockin Club of the Taipei First Girls’ High School began a wonderful performance. The youthful pop dance symbolizes the upcoming 20 years of the AEA of vitality, confidence and hope, and to strive forward.


In his speech, Lo Ping-cheng, Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan first said that it is not easy to get the " NT$550 billion" achievements. These achievements are accumulated by each colleague step by step and each team stick by stick. The excellent performance of the AEA is evident to all sectors. Recently, there have been many new policies and system plans. Apart from providing important valuable suggestions for law amendment, for example, article 473 of the Criminal Procedure Act, article 46-1 of the Statute for Industrial Innovation, Article 20 of the Act for Establishment and Administration of Science Parks, etc. In the future at the implementation level, it will rely on a professional and efficient administration of the AEA. The so-called “there are no easy paths to the heights.” In recent years, the AEA has faced difficulties such as the increase in new small amount cases and the shortage of manpower, but the use of science and technology, electronic innovation and other innovations to create excellent performance, the implementation of public power, to achieve fairness and justice. On behalf of the Executive Yuan, Minister without Portfolio Lo expressed his appreciation to the AEA.


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