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Treasure Joint auction of good products in November

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  • Last updated:2020-07-15
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Shoot amount up to 117.48 million

On the 11 / 5 joint auction day, all branches of the Administrative Enforcement Agency launched a wide range of good auction goods to attract the public to participate in the bidding. The total value of the real estate and movable property reached NTD117.484093 million.

The auction of real estate mainly includes the land and buildings in Songshan District, Da'an district of Taipei City and Xindian District of New Taipei City, with an amount of more than 19.07 million made by the Taipei Branch. The land in Yingge District, New Taipei city was auctioned by New Taipei branch, with an amount of NT$1.33 million. The land and buildings in Taoyuan District, Longtan District and other places in Taoyuan City were auctioned by Taoyuan branch, with an amount of more than NT$10.26 million. The land in Tongxiao Town, Miaoli County was auctioned by Hsinchu branch with an amount of more than NT$13.9 million.  Taichung Branch has auctioned land and buildings in Daan District, Shalu District, Dongshi District, Longjing District and Dali District of Taichung City, with an amount of more than NT$3.37 million. The land and buildings in Xixiang, Shetou and other places along the line of Changhua County were auctioned by Changhua branch, with the amount of more than NT$ 14.9 million. The Chiayi Branch auctioned the land of Hsikou Township Chiayi County, Mailiao Township Yunlin County and other places, and the amount of the auctions is more than NT$3.55 million.  Kaohsiung Branch has auctioned NT$17.2 million for land and buildings in Gangshan district and Chianchian District of Kaohsiung City. Pingdong branch has auctioned NT$8.97 million of land and buildings in Chaochou Town and Manchou township of Pingdong county.

The real estate auction amount totaled NT$94.12 million 6,259. The performance is bright.

In addition, the auction amount of the movable property auctioned by each branch is NT$23,357,834.

Contains items such as gold bars, golf clubs, golden dragon peony sorghum, brandy wine, King Kong Prajna Paramita calligraphy, diffuser gift sets, diamond pendant, sunglasses, LED bulbs and other items, with an auction price of more than NT$970,000. Before the auction, the beauty enforcement officer of the New Taipei Branch live streamer the fitness equipment was highly concerned by the media and attracting people's enthusiasm to participate in the bidding. 51 pieces of fitness equipment were sold in full, including one "Russian treadmill", which was also priced at NT$31,400. Together with the rest of the 1 cars, crystal ornaments, fitness equipment, small household appliances, grain bars, clothing, pure plant organic skin care products, perfume, shampoo, walnut pie snacks, cake rolls dessert and other items, the auction price is more than NT$660,000. The Taoyuan branch auction 2 items of vehicles, quilts, masks, textile machines, cloth looms, warping machines, flat looms, office appliances, hand cream, cleaners, socks and other items. The auction price is more than NT$2,820,000.  The Taichung Branch auctioned 11 vehicles, computer hosts, Oriental box type gas carburizing furnace, box type tempering furnace, operation panel, Japan Hay's vacuum cleaner, water-cooled cooler, control panel and operation panel of endothermic gas reformer, with an auction price of more than NT$18.03 million.  The Tainan Branch auctioned 2 vehicles, sunglasses, stewed pot and other items, with an auction price of more than NT$160,000. The Pingdong branch auctioned 2 vehicles, shares of Yanghsin commercial bank and other items, with an auction price of more than NT$350,000.  The Yilan branch auctioned 1 vehicle, Scottish leader, Ballantine's, Kavalan whiskey and shares of NVP Auto Co., Ltd., with an auction price of more than NT$170,000.  There are also auctions of several movable properties in other branches. The people are happy to take advantage of the cheap stuff, but also for the Treasury to recover large taxes and create good results.

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