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What is the minimum amount owed that will restrict one from leaving the country? How can one remove such a restraining order?

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  • Last updated:2020-07-20
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I.Where there is any circumstance stipulated in paragraph 1 of Article 17 of the Administrative Execution Act, the administrative enforcement agency may order the obligator to provide a certain amount of bond within a certain timeframe and limit his/her place of residence (or right to leave the country). According to paragraph 1 of Article 17, if the total arrears amount of obligator is less than NT$ (same as below) 100,000, the limit place of residence shall not apply. However, the restriction on residence shall be applied if the obligator has already left the countries for two times. II.Therefore, the key for administrative execution agency to consider whether to restrict the obligator from exiting the county is not how much money owed, but if there is any event specified in paragraph 1 of Article 17 of Administrative Execution Act. Furthermore, in consideration for principle of proportionality, in addition to any event specified in paragraph 1 of Article 17 of Administrative Execution Act, the obligator shall not be restricted from exiting the country if the total amount arrears is less than NT$100,000 unless he/she already exits the country for two times. III.The obligator may inquire Administrative Enforcement Agency for the reason and event for restriction on exiting the country. In addition objection lodged to Administrative Enforcement Agency for remedy in accordance with Article 9 of Administrative Execution A, the removal of restriction may be applied to the Administrative Enforcement Agency if the obligator has paid up the payment or provided equivalent security.

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